This is the Audio Recording of Ramadan Tafseer 1439(2018) Venue: Owoyemi Central Mosque, Sango Ota, Ogun State Nigeria. Lecturer: Ustadth Abd’Akeem Toliat   Ramadan Day 2 [wonderplugin_audio id=”5″] Direct Download Here Ramadan Day 3 [wonderplugin_audio id=”6″] Direct Download Here Ramadan Day 4 [wonderplugin_audio id=”7″] Direct Download Here Ramadan Day 5 [wonderplugin_audio id=”8″] Direct Download Here Ramadan Day 7 [wonderplugin_audio […]

Advise To Youth on Zina

Advise to youth on zina by ustadth abd’akeem toliah  [wonderplugin_audio id=”4″] Download audio file here What is Zina and How Serious This Sinful Act? Another word for zina is fornication or adultery. There are many types of zina as narrated by Ibn `Abbas: I did not see anything so resembling minor sins as what Abu Huraira […]


Image Makers Will Be Punished on the Day of Judgement Narrated Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (d. 73H) radiallahu ‘anhu: Allah’s Messenger sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said, “Those who make these images (suwar) will be punished on the Day of Resurrection, and it will be said to them, make alive what you have created.” [Al-Bukhari 7/541, no.835; Muslim, 3/160, no. 5268] Al-Hafidh Ibn […]


ISLAMIC SOLUTION TO DEPRESSION Information about the above Video Resource Person: Mufti Menk For Direct Download link, Click  HERE  Other Islamic Solutions to Depression: Defining Goal of life: Islam teaches us that we should focus our goal on succeeding in our life to come after this life. If we emphasize on the transitory nature of […]