She wants to work but her husband refuses

My husband does not let me work or study, but I think that I am able for that. Does he have the right to prevent me from working or studying? He is not listening to me and that hurts my feelings. Praise be to Allaah. Both spouses must refer to the sharee’ah concerning all matters […]

The difference between zakaah and taxes

What is the difference between zakaah and income tax? Is it obligatory to pay these taxes? What if the state does not spend them in the public interest? Praise be to Allah Zakaah is one of the pillars of Islam. In Islam, it comes after the twin testimony of faith (ash-shahaadatayn) and prayer in importance. […]

Is it permissible for him to give his Christian classmate a ride to the church in hopes of softening his heart towards Islam?

I am a student in university, and I have a Christian classmate who is goodhearted; I ask Allah to open his heart to Islam. Because we are classmates, we see each other often in the university and we cooperate in various things. I try as much as I can, on the basis of what I […]

The wife’s grandmother is a mahram to the husband

Is my wife’s paternal grandmother a mahram, i.e., can she uncover her face in front of me? Praise be to Allaah. The wife’s grandmother – either paternal or maternal – becomes a mahram to the husband once the marriage contract is done, because she is included in the verse in which Allah says (interpretation of […]

If someone is sick and unable to move, and the time for prayer comes and it is not possible to do wudoo’ and pray, what should he or she do?

SICK, ON SICK BED AND UNABLE TO PERFORM WUDOO, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Answer… Praise be to Allah Firstly: If a sick person is unable to pray standing, he should pray sitting; if he is unable to do that, then he should pray lying on his side. If he is not able to do that, […]

Observing voluntary fasts before making up fasts from Ramadan

What is the ruling on observing voluntary fasts before making up obligatory fasts from Ramadan? Praise be to Allah The scholars differed concerning the ruling on observing voluntary fasts before making up missed fasts. Some scholars were of the view that “it is not correct to observe voluntary fasts before making up missed fasts, and […]